And Kari he does how much a pain now. Yes, so obviously one thing that makes owning a car very expensive the fact that you have to pay car insurance in this video. I’m going to show you ways or tips to get very cheap car insurance in the UK. So if you’re interested station, so hi guys, welcome once again to my channel. My name is Trang El Caso de on this channel. I talk about life in the UK as an immigrant. I took about opportunities for people to relocate to the UK and nursing. So if these are things that interest you in any way, please do consider subscribing. So today I’m going to show you You how you can get cheap cheap car insurance. Okay, so it’s going to be sort of like a


demonstrative something. Okay. So stay with me it’ll be so you’re not gonna send out some things. I’ll automatically likely to increase your car insurance. We can be like your age. Okay, if you’re a much younger like below 25, your car insurance is likely to be a bit High because they believe that the older you are the more careful of a driver. You become and the younger you are the more calories you are on the route for something like your age. There’s nothing I can do about it. Okay, another thing every have just recently Recently moved to the UK. So they need to know that you have a good record of safe driving, but they are not going to count your driving history from your country. Let’s say you’re from Nigeria. Then I’m going to say, oh you drove safely Nigeria for 10 years before moving here. That is not going to count. So because they do not have a lot of history about your driving. There’s going to be a bit expensive and especially the using the very new UK license with no prior history or if you’re using a For National driver’s license. Your these are things that are likely to increase your car insurance. And we believe that if you’re married with kids your bit more careful, I read that somewhere as well. And then the location your area if your area is a place known for Concepts and all those things and burglary and all those things. That means you don’t live in a safe area. So your car is likely to be stolen or your car is likely to be broken into so all those things can influence how much you’re going to pay for your car insurance and then where you park your car, so if you have a compact I am thing. I know that at least it’s a bit safe for you. But if you don’t have a


comeback, I have to park on the streets and Ninth that can also affect how much you pay for your car insurance. If you’re using a provisional driver’s license as well that kind of so, you know, it was your car insurance. So these are things that you cannot do much about speaking. However, that still some things that you can do that I within your power to help you reduce your car insurance. So when you buy a car before you move it out of the sellers place or the garage or wherever you have to make sure the car is insured. Okay, if you do not have it. Insurance on your car, you’re likely going to have an issue with the police and insurance basically protect other Road users. If you damage your car or your property, okay, and depending on the level of your cover it also covers you if you know your car is broken into or whatever. So insurance is very very important. So there are hundreds of insurance companies in the UK. So together cheapest Insurance. The wisest thing to do is to compare the prices of all the insurance companies. Okay, and I’ll show you are going to do like that’s going to be difficult. How can you call all of them and ask them how much you’re going to charge? You know, there is If you like that is so simple. There are apps or websites that can help you go through this. I have one of the apps on my phone. That’s what I always used to get a cheapest Insurance. I’ve showed a couple of my friends and it has to save them a lot of money and I want to show you as well today. So the app that I use as morning Supermarket spooky. I have it on my phone installed and there’s another one called compare the market that I just recently discovered as well. So what this app does is you put in your details and then we let you know how much each insurance company is going to charge you so you have to go through and choose a cheap. A honestly and that is it but the waves are just some things into up so that you can get a cheap as all the cheapest car insurance. Okay. So let’s see. What about account with also treat her. So let’s go to Trader. I bought my first car on auto trader. So let’s say I’m using any Belfast push good so VT 13ft just an example. Okay, and then let’s say I want to buy cash UK and then the maximum price should be lets say 7500 and then more options. Let’s say I want automatic and I want petrol so you would choose rights and I chose vt1 and I chose National because I only want tell us that are in Northern Ireland. If you are in London, I may not be able to come in and buy the car from you. So just that’s why I choose my shop. So let’s give this a try Okay, so such a Styles and 100 and whatever cause so this car came, let’s say this one is 5800 is too small. So let’s keep that I’m not buying a car really but But just an Pull let’s see this car. This is a Jeep.


Okay, and they say is 5,000 150-pound? Okay. So let’s use this cheap. Okay. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at the registration number of the cheaper K. And then that’s when you need it to be able to use this app. Okay. So even before you buy the car, you have to try and find out how much you’re likely to pay for insurance. Okay. So this class registration number is as c62. To Ute. Okay, so we are going to find the car insurance post for this car. Okay. This is a white Jeep. Okay. So this is what we’re going to use this just for demonstrative purposes. Okay. So now let’s go to money Supermarket. There is why I love when it’s about my cases are when you install it on your up its unless you and your car is G for mot check. It’s a let you when your car is used for car insurance renewal or whatever. So let’s go to car insurance and let’s say get a brand-new coat. Okay, so let me put A car registration to that what we saw in Auto Trader. I’m going to put sc6 to Ute. Okay, and we’re going to tap on find car. So the car will come is it a Jeep Compass Limited 2013 module petrol 2.4. So yes is the right car. Okay. So are these details correct? I’m going to say yes has a copy modified in any way I’m going to say no, if you’re not sure of these details you can call this a lot and ask. Okay, and when they ask you why you consider you’re looking to buy the car, but you need to know these things. Told to see if you can afford the car insurance on the car. So what’s your email address? Okay, we’re going to put in the email address that do you have the khayat’s you can put no cause you don’t have the car I use a doughnut and registered Keeper of the car or will you be so I will be so I’ll put yes. Okay. How do you use the car? So over here if you put social only that


means you don’t use the comp much. Okay. So if you don’t understand anything I told just press the I hear the need help and it would explain to you. Okay, so insurance or insurance companies and look at And how often he’s the cops social and commutative means you use it from a single. Please awake always study but not to do other businesses. Okay, and when you say social community and for business that means you use it for every single thing. Okay. So usually I just choose social and Community because obviously I do work as well. How many personal miles as a Kaiju a year? Okay. So here as well you have to calculate how many miles you think the car would you pay the more you put in the higher you’re going to pay? Okay, but you don’t have to lie as well because if you put in something very small. And you do get an issue then I’m going to help you because they realize you light on the phone working. What I usually do is that I calculate that for my house to my work, please how many miles is it spooky? Let’s say it’s five miles. So that means I go and come so that’s 10 miles. This is an example guys. First day I go to work five days a week. That means I use 50 miles a week. That means 200 miles in a month in a year. We’re looking at 2,400 miles. So that will give you a rough idea of how much you should pay for those of this video. Let me just put two thousand


dollars, okay. 30,000. Okay, where is the cock kept during the days was on the driveway? You can easily be hit by somebody’s car and if it’s like a factory or office Capac, you know, that means it’s a bit safe. It was on the streets not so safe. If you want more options you press starts, but obviously I’m going to choose office and at night I’m going to choose that is on the driveway because most homes in the UK to have a garage. So do you have any other card I’m going to choose no. Okay. So the here you put in your details. Okay. Another thing that’s going to affect how much you pay. He is how long you have lived in the UK? I mentioned this earlier. So the longer you haven’t lived here. Then less you’re likely to pay, you know, besides nurse. Do you have another job I’m going to say no because if I say another job do my thing that I am moving the constant other job on my other job is just being in the house. How many cars are they in your household? I’ll say one what kind of license do you have? So if you have a UK driver’s license, that’s good for you. I’m going to choose food. Okay, and if let’s say you’re going to use the car with your partner and one has forward the other person has provisional make the person was a full UK lines as the main driver. The person was the provisional the other driver. Okay. So where was your license issued? I want to choose UK and then there’s a license come on all cars will just automatically want to choose what to Matic only. Do you have any medical condition obviously know and they’re asking me to put my driver’s license number. So let’s say I can’t provide this right now. So here they’re asking you how many 10 years you’ve held your driver’s license.


Asking you if you’ve had any more to clean so see don’t just jump to call your insurance company with any issue that you have with your car because the more you hold them and claim the more likely to pay the following year when you are renewing your car insurance. Okay. So if it’s something my know that she can fix just fixing yourself because so that as the years go by you have no claim. Who knows? Okay. So if you realize that you’re kind of driver who had any claims any insurance or anything you’re likely to have. Have a reduced insurance rate. So have you had any more to accident claims or losses in the five years to say? No, have you been convicted of any driving offense to say no have you any unspent snow driving convictions? No, so here they are asking if you’d like to add another driver. So let me say for the purpose of this videos is going to Harry. Let me just say no, but if you say yes, then you have to add the other drivers details as well. This position was not aligned Suzuki a valid license that is accepted in the UK as well. Okay, so I I would say no for now. And then another asking without you wants comprehensive what I want to take party fire and theft all third party only so comprehensive covers every single thing and third-party fire and that’s only covers third party fire intense with fully comprehensive is the highest levels if you choose that expects to be a bit more I always go for that or do I never cleaned anything so they will pay out if the insured vehicle is lost stolen or damaged gay and then they will also pay out to fix any other vehicle involved. And accidents within short vehicle. So if you hit somebody’s car you are going to pay it out for you. You don’t have to pay the person you understand and they do provide injury for third party and for damage to property in an accident Ricky ever with third party fire and theft the only payoff for damage or loss due to fire our tips. Okay, and then we’ll pay out to fix our cars involved in an accident with the insured vehicle that will provide cover as well, but they will not cover it if it is lost or stolen. Okay, so now balloon tree is okay. So with Bellucci, this is another part that’s very important the amount you put here can go along with surface how much you’re going to pay for lunch ESS means that should you have an issue right with your car? This is the


amount of money that you have voluntary going to bring towards whatever that needs to be done on your car. So let’s say your car gets pulled and then the whole thing is let’s say 1,000 pounds. How much are you willing to contribute towards the thousand pounds? Okay. This is a fixed amount. Okay, so the higher you choose that means you’re willing to contribute more. So the reduce your insurance for you. Okay, so I usually choose let’s say 350, you know, yeah, so if let’s say the repair costs 500 I’m paying 350. They would only have to pay 150. You understand how many years of no cleaning discounts. Do you have the asking how many years have I had insurance? We have not cleaned anything and then talk to me is that I’ve had my insurance I’m not cleaned anything. So the less you claim the better your chances of reducing how much? A Pianist and to here as well. I’m going to choose three years. Okay, how would you like to pay for your car insurance? I wouldn’t choose to one thing is if you choose to pay on while the whole year, they’re likely to get like emojis amounts. But if you want them to spread it over 12 months over 10 months, there’s a few pounds in addition. So if you choose to pay monthly you it’s usually caused between eight to fifteen percent more will rock the whole year that if you choose to pay it annually, so if you have the money just pay it for the whole year. Okay. So let’s A I’m going to choose my new storm. It’s okay. Is that how you normally pay for your car insurance? Yes. When would you like Insurance to start to another thing is that let’s say you want to buy the car and the 15th of June just make sure that you get the insurance a bit earlier. Let’s say, you know, you’re going to start driving the car tomorrow and I get some insurance today. The price is going to go high. Okay, so make sure that you’re getting it a bit ahead of time before the time that you intend to drive. Maybe two weeks prior. Okay helps and if you are renewing your current Insurance, you can actually You lock in the price up to 30 days prior to the renewal. So make sure you do it ahead of time. You understand price is obtained in advance will usually be lower than those obtained the days immediately prior to your renewal date. So let me say that I need it on 10th of June. Okay. So now you would have to add optional extras. Okay, whether you want a legal cover if you want illegal cover it means that when the accident wasn’t your fault that it can cover uniquely for losses. So let’s say you’re being persecuted following an accident. To become P. Quite a huge amount over here yesterday up to 50,000 pounds. As your legal custody, but I think again this is where there’s a great talk done 50 percent chance of success in the legal process. Okay, so I would say no, I’m not going to choose legal cover. It is important that your policy includes personal injury cover. So it personal injury cover do give you a lump sum of money. Should you have you know, any accidents where he suffered personal injury and the money that you give you will depend on the extent of the injury remember? That’s the more extras you are to Insurance the more you’re going to pay. Okay, so it’s not in tree cover. And I would say no I didn’t of the day the NHS is free, isn’t it? So, would you like your Pulitzer to include a Breakdown Cover? So when breakdown when your car gets posed by the


roadside, you know the kind of assist you and what Courtesy car so let’s say you have an issue with your car but you still need to go to work and still need to go to school to provide you with a car that you can use temporary on to your car is fixed if you add this to it as well, you are likely to pay more like a guy in my work one time. His car was just in front of his house. He was asleep around 3 a.m. He said he had a knock on his door and then he went to the door and it was the police and he was like like I’m sleeping with my wife’s like what what’s happening? Apparently they had been like an accident on his strength. He had no idea and the criminal had hit his car and run away. They had damaged his car. Luckily for him. He showed up the next morning with another car and I asked him where he got that car for me. Apparently he had kept a secret in his insurance to for that instance the insurance company gave him that car to use temporarily until that other one was You see so let me see. No, okay. I don’t want that. So now get cold. So now they are searching for the various insurance companies based on their car registration putting in the details you put in do we give you quotes from various insurance companies in the new choose. Usually they do I arrange it according to the cheapest. Okay. So based on the details that I put in is how much I’ll be paying. Okay. I’m going to pay 1934 for you. Year, okay, so that is a deposit of 202 pounds and then 10 times payments monthly of 202. So now what you can do if you are not comfortable with the prices that you can change a few things. So let’s say now, let’s change the third party fire in steps. Okay, let’s change it up. Okay, because this one was very expensive and I think I don’t reason is as a big car and all that. So when we changed it now, we have 150 3 lb 9 to 3 and 11 months. Payment of 150 300 you pay as a whole thousands is an 83. So another thing that we’ll do is I’ll take off the Breakdown Cover and update result again.So now when you see these things then you kind of know that this particular car insurance is going to be expensive So based on their courage station number and then the details that you put in this app or this website would give you the coach from almost every insurance company that you can take and go through and choose what you want or what is the cheapest for you that you can afford and if you realize that it’s just that car that has huge. Science on it. You can choose a different kind even before you go in by it’s okay only pay for what you need. You know that you probably might not need a legal cover. Why did you have to add a my no need to catch the seat car? Sometimes we think too much and we’ve had almost everything and end of the day you have to break the bank to pay your car insurance. I remember my very first car insurance the cheapest company that was willing to go with me because I was using an international license was this company and they were going to give me that insurance on condition that day. He stole the black box in the car that would money time. I enjoy Diving and then charging less and I did top here because I trust companies wanted to charge me like Korean upon a month blah blah blah one reason why I have BG’s my drastically is now a married now. I’m a bit older than before now. I’m using a full UK driver’s license and I’ve never claimed any insurance for all the three years that I’ve been here. Now, I have a child as well and I’ve changed my neighborhood as well. Now. I live in a relatively safer area compared to where I used to live and now I’m closer to my wife Lisa now. The mileage I put in is much smaller. So that is how it works after you have filled the form. It will show you all these insurance companies and how much each of them is willing to charge you and then you make your choice. Okay. So basically these are the tips and tricks that I have used. I hope you learned from this. Thank you so much of five.

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