Easy $3,200/Day Al Reels Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (2024)

Easy $3,200/Day Al Reels Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (2024)

Because I will show you how complete beginners are using this kind of easy method to make 3200 dollars every single day with affiliate marketing and don’t worry. You don’t need to invest any money. You don’t have to show your face. You don’t need any previous experience or special skills, and you don’t need to build a website to do this. So everyone already knows that I make a lot of money online, especially with affiliate marketing but take a look at these teenagers who are also making thousands of dollars per month for faceless a i generated Instagram, really? Eels they found this account cool Wi-Fi kozma and they’re basically posting a i generated faceless videos. You’re never going to find a teenager or the guy who actually owns this account in any of these videos yet. They get tens of thousands of you. So the very first thing you want to do is you want to create new Instagram page in one of these niches either Wi-Fi money


motivation looks maxing travel or health. So you want to choose one of these five different niches now, once you’ve chose, your Niche next thing you want to do is you want to take a look at these faceless Instagram account for Inspiration like for example, this is going to work here has 43 thousand followers. They’re all supposed to Camilla faceless videos, but this guy is a sick video editor. He’s doing this very very well and his Instagram reels get hundreds of thousands of views. And of course, he promotes different things in these videos and we also have desiccant over here come the only pieces one in the motivation Nation are also posting faceless reels and he got like 70 3,000 followers and they’re selling digital products and gumroad only 100 posed by the way completely faceless. Then we also have it this again over here, which is also in the AI motivation Niche there. Cai generated tax and a i generated voices are getting tens of thousands of using literally have 1.3 million followers this account over here AI generated content in my opinion not even that high quality and they have an almost 10,000 followers. And of course, they promote something in their bio. And then this is an AI generated Channel or a i generated account as well. And these videos are completely


faceless. This is another one over here. Here’s another one over here gleech mindset Prime. I am I the only one who thinks that being a glitter Escaping The Matrix kind of cringe. I don’t know but these videos get hundreds of thousands of users page has 100,000 followers than errors that are a i generated a Channel or a i generated and account completely faceless. Here’s another one. This is in the travel niches are not a i generated but our faceless videos and here’s another one can build a faceless. His account name is literally Incognito because he’s not showing his face. He’s staying absolutely Anonymous and he’s getting thousands of views and promotes links in his bio. So that just shows you that this method actually worked. Well, no first thing. I want to do is you want to find viral video ideas and there’s different ways to do it is there’s also this AI to local viral finder.com where you can register a free account and they give you different free credits that you can use to find some viral video ideas. But after that they really make you pay for things. So if you don’t want to spend any money, you can leave that to the side and just use the free method that I will show you in this video. The second thing is you also want to optimize your account and I’ve been using these different tragic Beauty problems to optimize my Instagram pages. So you can feel free to copy them on the leave them in the description box down below. So Copy for free. In fact inside of the free community that I made I actually have this tools and resources section where I leave links to all of these different tragedy problems and templates and all the different links and everything for


completely free. So you can basically joint formula free and then just find a link over there. There’s a bunch of different links and underneath the content ideas section. You can find down for you Instagram problems click on that and that’s going to open up this Google Document and you can use some of these problems. So I’m going to use this one as an example. So I’m going to be in the Wi-Fi money or so. I’m going to type in how to make money online Niche and I need help creating. Ting a short conditioner bio to stand out and I’m just going to put that in and I will have this short bio over here fully generated even with a call to action that I can just copy and paste so I can also customize that I can change it. But so that’s essentially the problem that you can use to just optimize your account. Now next thing you want to do is you want to use some of those Instagram pages that I show it as an example. And once you find some cool video you basically just want to copy the link of that video. You want to go to snap instant app. You want to paste that link here or click download and download that Instagram reels you want to download the video? Then you can go over to this AI tool called The Wizard a i and you can convert video to text. So now that’s going to give you the script from the video. So you can basically just drag and drop like this select English language and select get AI Clips. You don’t need AI Clips because they will make you pay for that and you don’t need it. You just need to script out of it. You will then go to tragedy and you will type in I want you to rewrite this script but keep the same style of writing and now just paste the script here. So the script goes here, so we would go back to wizard AI or still waiting for a 99 percent you then basically Copy this


entire scripts you selected you click on this button over here to copy the entire script you go back to tragedy you base It Here and Now tragic Beauty will rewrite this for you. Now, you can also use these Free is scripts or done for you who cooks for scripts which are extremely important especially for short form content and also lab that inside of the tools and resources inside of that free community on school to basically just click on Done For Your Hooks and scripts and then takes you to this page where you can find a bunch of them that I’ve been using and then you can just select one of these. So let’s say I’m going to start with this who cover here, here’s how I secretly thought a fortnight loving eighteen-year-old make some money. So I’m going to use that hook and now I’m going to copy this with a hook then simply go over to 11 lat ABS which is an AI tool that will allow me to return this voice or turn the script into a voiceover. And in this select one of these high be voices that they usually use an Instagram reels especially because these are mostly going to be washed by younger people. So I would just go with something like casual / social media type of voice and then just paste that script from Judge a beauty with your hook in it and then just click on generate and the AI tool will give you the voiceover that you can use which is actually going to sound really really good. So let’s actually listen to it again. Here’s how I secretly healthy for and I living 18 year old make over


$1000 weekly using only their phone this one is kind of robotic. So I would perhaps use a different one than this. Let’s try with this one over here. Here’s how I secretly helped to Fortnight. Loving eighteen-year-old make over $1000 weakly. Okay, this is pretty good. So now I can actually download this voiceover. So basically just click on this button over here and I download the voiceover then for like those cool VFX that those people using these Instagram reels you can just go to scene affects not just And you can find free tools and free effects that you can just download. So for example, this is a free one. There’s a lot of paid ones who don’t have to buy anything just go to the free ones and just use the free ones that they are also using for their Instagram reels. It’s really gonna make them a lot more engaging or you can just go to action via fax started come and go to the free selection the left side. So you have free of facts here. There’s like a thousand packages for free and you have a lot of different animations and you can just download and use in your Instagram reels and it’s just going to get them to another level without you having to spend any


money now for the b-roll. You can just go to I can be.com and this is like an AI tool or a website that finds the vast footage for you. So I’ll just look at my script. So I have a script over here. So here’s how I secretly held a fortnight loving whatever well go back to how I can be and then I will just type in for example secret and then that’s going to give me different clips that I can use as b-roll which is going to make things a lot more engaging like if you just start off with a clip like this and all of these Random clips which are really unique and it’s way better than just using Um stock footage from like back souls or story blogs or Shutterstock or whatever. You just use these clips. There are way more engaging so whatever it is the next thing that you basically just type it in here. So I’m going to try it Fortnight or gamer because Fortnight is not available on eye candy and that’s going to give me these different clips that I can again you so basically the select click on this todownload and I can’t use this. Now. The next thing we want to do is we actually want to edit these AI reels and for this you can just go to camp cut.com for completely free you can sign up for free and then just select the tick tock Template and then just start from scratch basically just drag and drop your media in this case. Most importantly we have the voice over it. We’re going to upload from 11 laps. Then you can also generate Auto captions in the left side. You can go to the caption section and click Auto captions, click generate and you can also animate them and I personally prefer to use different filters and effects to really stand out and make these videos engaging like I would just change the animation on this one to just make sure that only one word at a time and I will change this I will change the font as well and this iss how it’sIt’s fully edited here inside of Camp got for free and then you can just export directly to Instagram or Tick Tock. We’re just download and then upload from your phone. Now optionally if you don’t want to edit videos yourself and get caught there’s other AI tools like at Labs AI as this AI tool you’re basically just insert a prompt or just insert a script and they fully generate these rails for you by using a i generated Bureau as well and they add a voiceover sees everything in one place, but I don’t think it’s free. So if you want to go with a free version and you can follow the tutorial that I just shared. Are and quite honestly some of the members of your online business club or making thousands of dollars with faceless a i reels, like for example is girl like got 300,000 views with a i generated a reels without rubbing her face. Some people are making hundreds of dollars a day and some people are using these AI videos for different social media platforms and are promoting their from affiliate links or their own digital and physical PrairieCenter making money off of it. Now online business Club is different than that free community that I talked about previously only Business Club is paid but it’s also there’s a step. Step by step of program where I personally shared how I personally make money online and I shared everything exactly as it is error. We build things that I will never actually reveal publicly and the reason is paid is because I’ve actually spent defense of thousands of dollars to bring coaches and mentors to teach different online business models inside of the online business Club. So it’s not only that you get to learn how to actually make money with AI reels and how to actually create these videos and how to monetize with affiliate marketing knowledge Things and how I personally make money online, but you also get to learn from other experts and what they are doing it to make tens of thousands of dollars a month in line. So you can essentially just choose the vehicle and you can go through this and set up almost any kind of online business that you want to and I’ve also brought experts in different categories that shows how to make money but also like how to get more clients how to do email marketing also how to do video editing. So I brought to my main Video Edit or and he made a step-by-step training program sharing exactly how to actually edit videos the right way.


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