Earn $800 Watching YouTube Videos (FREE PayPal Money)

Earn $800 Watching YouTube Videos (FREE PayPal Money)

Search for any sign up to this tool go back to YouTube click on some video watched until the end and collect your earnings. Now. You have to admit you watch YouTube videos every single day. I do it as well. But recently I found a way to get paid while watching those absolutely free YouTube videos and you can take a look at some of the payment proof right here. This is $48 directly to people then another $35 right here all in one single day while watching. Watching YouTube videos this works in all countries around the world and they accept different payment options including PayPal Bitcoin bank transfer payoneer pay year and Skrill, but before we start make sure to subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel called investor plus we’re from now on I will be posting a daily make money online strategies and daily


business ideas link to that channel will be in the description down below. So just go out there hit the Subscribe button and the bell icon and I’m a lot of fun. Whenever have a new and fresh strategy to make money online and all of my future giveaways will probably take place in that investor plus channel. So you really don’t want to miss that hit the Subscribe button. Okay. So let’s start with the step-by-step tutorial because as always I will explain you everything step-by-step. So if you follow along with me while I can play the first app you go and complete the same step. Then we go to the Second Step you go complete the second step. So on and so forth by the end of this video, you will see a massive progress and by the end of this video, you will be ready to start making money. So definitely the best option for you is to follow along with me follow all of the steps and stay tuned until the end of the video to maximize your results and we will start with the step number one and that is to come over to YouTube now right before I show you how you can get paid like this for those YouTube videos. There’s


something that we need to setup and that is to come over to YouTube and you want to search Search for different keywords, you want to search for example for a gaming keyword what’s popular in the gaming you should so maybe that can be Fortnight. Maybe that can be Minecraft GTA 5. Whatever you can think of. That’s just for one particular Niche. So what do you usually watch on YouTube, but make sure it’s a popular keyword. Let’s say you maybe watch a gaming videos. What you can do is you can search for Fortnight and just search for that and leave it open the Like that, we will get back to this page in a minute. Now. The next thing you get to do is you want to sign up to a website called a shrink me dot IO and this is the website that we’ll be using to get paid to just for watching it these videos on YouTube and you will see exactly how this works. Now you want to come over to shrink me dot IO and you want to create an app free account by clicking on the register button right here. Now if you’re wondering what this actually is. Well, this is a link shortening service, which means that you can grab any Well any link for anything and you can paste it right here and they will shorten it for you and whenever someone clicks on your short and Link you will get paid as you can see in this case. You will get paid $220 per 10,000 views or $22 per one thousand clicks or three dollars and twenty cents per 100 clicks, but you will see exactly how this works and exactly how you are making money from watching YouTube


videos. Now. The reason we are using shrink be done IO and not any other I’m shortening service is because they have a low minimum payout which is only five dollars. So you can reach $5 in like just a couple of minutes and then you will be able to cash out directly to PayPal or any other payment option you prefer so you don’t have to wait around you have hundreds of dollars. You don’t have to wait around for months to get paid. You can literally get paid today either to PayPal payoneer Bitcoin paytm screen. You’ll pay your bank transfers. So whatever you prefer you can select any of those payment. Ins now the first thing you’re going to do is as I said click on the register button right here to create an absolutely free account. You will create your account by creating a unique username for your account and that can be anything you prefer. I will for the sake of this tutorial go with the investor plus username. Then you will enter your email address right here, then create a


password for your account re-type the same password and click. I’m not a robot and you can agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, which you can read by clicking on some of These two links and then you can go back and agree. If you agree, of course after that just click register and then this is how Going to look like this is the dashboard where you can track your earnings so you can see the total views. You got the total earnings. So how much money you actually made from those YouTube videos and then here in the left hand side, you will be able to withdraw your money. Now. The reason I’ve searched for Fortnight keyword is because Fortnight is a really really popular. It’s really trending like take a look at this it was this video is posted 10 hours ago. And in all of you has 400,000 views this 16 hours ago. It already has 200,000 views. So a lot of people are interested in Fortnight, and I mean those videos are just fun to watch so it’s not going to be really hard to make money with this right all you little all you need to do is search for such a popular keyword like a fourth night or anything you can think of that you usually watch that is a really really popular in my case that’s once again going to be fourth night. So I will open up one of these videos for example this one and I will click on it. I don’t know why don’t need to do is I will just need to watch it all the way till the end and just Pay attention that it’s a good


with you. So just sit relax have fun watch the video enjoy those videos and then I’ll show you how shrink me will pay you just for doing that. So for now your job is to just watch those fun trendy videos watch him until the end and make sure they are good. Once you’re done watching the video and you saw it’s a good one. You’ll like the video. I want you to copy the URL of that YouTube video. So you will watch it until the end you saw it was good and in Resting and fun just copy the URL that takes people do to video then go back to shrink me dashboard. Go back to shrink me dot IO and click here where it says a new shorten a link. Now, you just want to paste the URL for that video right here and just click a shortened and that’s as you can see Gonna Give You a



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