create your own online store for $0.00 dollars monthly

create your own online store for $0.00 dollars monthly

Isabella I am the owner of to six-figure earning online businesses. And today I’m going to be showing you guys how to create your own online store for $0.00 dollars monthly. This website hosts will work for pretty much everyone. So whether you’re starting to drop shipping store or you’re starting an e-commerce store that you want to sell physical handmade Goods or anything you guys want this is the website for you. You can create this online store in less than 10 minutes. And when I say it’s 100% for you guys. It’s 100% If I start a new business tomorrow, I would still use the same exact method even knowing that these businesses have now turned into six figure own businesses. I would still use free website host because there’s so much more out there rather than just Shopify gurus on YouTube will just tell


you to use Shopify or to use wax when both of those videos are sponsored and not only that but a lot of people on YouTube that talk about online business dropshipping etc for usually just trying to sell you into a mentorship or course situation and I just feel like all of them. Content is just recycled content. So definitely watch out for that as you are going along your journey as opening your own online store. I have nothing to sell you here. I’m just trying to get my story and knowledge across to as many people as possible. You guys already know people charge thousands of dollars for courses just like this and all I ask in return is that you smash that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my channel so I can continue to make videos just like this. I don’t get keep anything. I actually have a step by step. Start your business playlist on my YouTube channel of on with so many free courses in my free course playlist previous free online Store recommendations. I did


recommend Big Cartel as a free website host to use. I still love Big Cartel, but I actually found one. That’s even better that has more free features that can help you guys lawn with your online business Journeys. Nothing in this video is sponsored. I found this website host completely on my own and nobody else is talking about this website host on YouTube. So you guys knew I had to So we added the link to this video description for you guys to sign up. Once you’re there just click the get started for free button. It’s going to bring you to this page get started with a free account and right here you can put your full name. And then you can put your email and password. I would recommend you just creating an email for your new shop just so you can keep things organized but obviously creating a new email is free. I have probably like 10 or 20 different emails. So it just wants to verify that you are an online store and it just wants to know your region and I did check you guys this website can be used worldwide. You don’t technically have to even fill these out if you don’t want to.


So the first page will bring you to is this page here and it’s just going to show you your checklist of things that you have to do to get your store all ready to go. Another reason why I like this website is once you start making sales and you start making money consistently with dropshipping. They have a lot of different apps you can use to then automate your Drop Shipping Store. So then you don’t have to even worry about even sending them from the supplier to the buyer. It can do that automatically first thing. I’m going to show you how to do with this website host is add a product. It’s going to have a bunch of sample products here. So just click delete all sample products.In this next part of this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how you’re going to add a product as a drop shipper that doesn’t already have the product on hand. Of course. This is even easier. If you have your own product because you’re going to just take pictures of your own product if you’re selling inventory or if you’re making handmade Goods any user AliExpress listing as an example to show you how to add a product typically suppliers. Do not mind if you use their photo for your online store. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to screenshot this image. I feel like this is a good Good first image that your customers will see obviously you upload as many images as you can here to make it look more official next. We’re going to add your name. I’m just gonna split the screen so we can kind of see what’s going on here at both screens so we can go ahead and just kind of look at their title. So they they call it Aroma diffuser air humidifier, but see how the words are kind of all jumbled up so you can kind of just piece them together so you could do ultrasonic Diffuser Air humidifier this description. It allows you to insert images to this description and you guys can kind of see on AliExpress. That’s what they did. They just put images explaining what


their product does we’re going to upload that image from your computer.And you guys can see that that image uploaded to the description. So you’re going to leave this checked. It says required shipping or pickup leave that check and then we’re going to price this at $60 5999 then just click save.And if you want to add the buy now button to each listing which you would see that in all shops. You can just click this button and it will do that for you so they can click buy now instead of adding it to their cart. But either way it already codes it to where it’s set up like a shop already for you, which you’ll see in the next clip. Now, let’s just go to shipping before we forget that because that is important and you’re going to go down. I always picked fixed rate per item and I usually charge five dollars and fifty cents for my shipping on my online store. I have a free course. Ice on my YouTube channel just about shipping. So definitely go check that out. If you’re shipping your own products, so you could offer free shipping to be honest, but me personally I never really offer free shipping. I still get a lot of sales lot of dress shopping stores do offer free shipping. So we’ll leave it alone for this time being. If not, you’re able to just use this button just put in one or two pounds and it will just create a shipping estimate. So it looks good with your buyer. So when you’re done just click save So all of these are just kind of extra buttons, which you guys can look through


this website is a lot more extensive than Big Cartel but not too complicated. So I really like it. Like, I’m really glad I found this for you guys. The next thing that we’re going to do, very important is click on payment. So you guys can see they accept payments through PayPal square and stripe. I personally use sharp and PayPal for both of my online stores and I highly recommend you using stripe because a lot of customers. It just looks more legit to them. I’ve never had a problem with it. So definitely Recommend that let’s go ahead and go to and if you have trouble setting this up throughout this process when you’re connecting enabling it, you can always reach out to the stripe customer service and they’re always so helpful. So the next thing that you’re going to do scroll over the website button and then just go to design then just scroll down and click change address under site address and you’re going to just put your store name here. So you’re going to just do we picked our name to be cozy homes. So that’s going to be our website. So it Is going to have this dot company site at the end here. Don’t worry guys litter I’m telling you. I’ve used like the free domains and no one really cares. I still had an amazing sales conversion because it’s about my marketing. That’s what made the customer by for me was my marketing. If you’re if you can’t afford a domain don’t beat yourself up for a don’t let that stop you from starting If You Want It by a domain the future you can I paid like ten dollars a year for mine. So it really wasn’t much but same thing like if you don’t want to even commit to a do


Main, then you don’t have to because they give you a free domain with this website. So it’s perfect. So after you put your store name in there just click save so your store now has its own official domain for free cozy homes dot company dot sight now let’s go down to cite appearance and click edit. So this is the design area of how you’re going to design your website. Do not let this overwhelm you because this can actually be really fun. So you’re going to click on themes.And they have a bunch of different themes that you could use. Let’s click on home and furniture and see what’s in there. I thought this Firefly theme was really nice. They also have like this stay calm theme so actually for this purpose. I didn’t let’s just try out the stay calm theme also you guys this website has way more themes and Big Cartel, so you’re going to just go through each one individually, and that’s how you’re going to get through this today. So first thing first go to headlining cover image, you can put your store name. I’m here. So we’re going to do cozy homes because that’s our store name cozy homes, and you can go ahead and like right here what your shop is about so you could put where a small local home decor shop or you could even put like diffuser shop. Like if you were focused on selling diffusers diffusers, you could put that there to so we’re a small local diffuser shop for those who are amazing. Obviously. I think I would rewrite that but that’s good for right now. Now, okay. So let’s go down and you can change this background to something else if you’d like, so I would change it to something like relaxing and you could even just look up on Google like backgrounds and so many different backgrounds will come up save it that and then you can upload it here. Let’s click on background options and see what they have here. You could even put a video here so many I love how many features as website has and then they even have overlays if you want to make something more colorful so it stands out more. Can kind of like play with it like that as well. So whenever you’re done just click save. Forget to click save whenever you’re doing these things and then next thing you could just go

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through each one and really just test out and see if you guys like it going to make sure our products look good. So click on store.We need to like look and see what the best. So I would pick medium. It was on large. I would pick medium definitely keep that as show selection and then you can change your ratio. So I would usually do it like a square me personally, but you can keep it like that. In this case. We do have to keep it like that because it was a square image already and honestly, what I would do to is try to find different diffusers, you could even look at the same supplier because you know, they have fast shipment times and sell maybe two more diffusers. Would it look,Oops Gentlemen, if not, you totally do not have to you can sell one product and then they already have this ready for you. So you’ll after you do that click save and they already have this part ready for you on this is why choose us so you guys can just fill in here your own like things and they prompt you on like what you should say here and then if you scroll down, this is probably my favorite part is it allows you to put in your own customer testimonies, and that just helps people to trust you. More so when you’re done just click save so if you don’t want to put an About Us section or any of these sections, you can just turn them off like that and then just go back go to location. We’re not going to show our location. They do not need to know that and then go back again and then like contact information. I would not put a phone number just put your email that you want them to email you at for your business and then your any other social media accounts if you just put your links into


your social Media accounts here that will also make it look a lot more legit. So just put your social media accounts in here after you create it for your business then just click save. So really quick, let’s go back to the store section. You need to scroll down and click on product listing categories. Make sure you guys click show show show on all this you don’t have to put the S key KU number but also make sure like product images showing or else you’re literally not going to have a product ER you can click show buy now button perfect look, so Good, so just yeah make sure that all of that is showing or else your product will not be appearing on your website. So this is the shop that we just created and less than 10 minutes. I think it looks really good and you could even link your customers straight to the product itself. So they don’t even have to see that mean page. Obviously you’re going to add your special touches and make it look even better than this. But this is just a basis of showing you how to create a website for free and less Ten minutes. Thank you guys so much for watching if you haven’t already make sure you guys smash that like button for the YouTube algorithm so I can continue to make videos just like this it helps so much push this to more people so we can continue to help more people around the world and of course hit that subscribe button and join the body and business family. I have so many more free courses coming this year, and I can’t wait for you guys to see them and learn even more. Bye everyone. Make sure you follow my Instagram for more business inspiration.

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