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Best Trading App | Best Stock Market App | Best Share Market App In India | Share Market App

Being shorting these stocks. This is my one of my favorite episodes to do we go through a massive list of stocks and we’re going to find out if it is prime if their Prime to be shorting if they’re primed to be going along and of course should we be using options on a are they set up perfectly for that now for those filing me over to stock my patreon, you know, I have the new high aggressive 100,000 dollar portfolio. That is doing fantastic. Remember my goal is to make a hundred thousand dollars. Dollars after all losses and all the games put together that were up over 100 Grand now good news for those following along the January. I’ll do monthly reports on this so far so good for January. We are up over 10,000 dollars so far that could change quickly. It could


lose a lot depending on the options and everything else I’m doing but with that being said, it’s a good start so far. We have to average a little over eight thousand dollars a month and we will be able to hit that Mark that We’re trying to so a little bit of leeway here looking good. But if you want to file that to stock Mo patreon down below and for those who have not done it family. What is going on? If you’re waiting this is the day go over there join the course today use code cache see a sh take advantage of this. Learn how I’m trading learn the techniques get in there and learn the technical lifetime access to this course in this course Discord, but if you want the trading Discord, that’s the stock no patreon. We also have the stock Squad. Down below check it out. Now. Let’s get into it. Let’s take a look first things first now in this episode for those who don’t know about the best stocks to buy now. I asked about the prior video. I love doing this. We’re going to make this a little bigger for everyone to see and we come in here and I allow you to ask me what stocks you think are. The best stocks of I now the best growth stocks do that by now and maybe even the best investments to make for this year. So the first one on here is hymns. So let’s go ahead and take a look at him. Is right here. I pulled it up everything I look at for any of my weekly options. I do one week out two weeks out three weeks out. I look at the daily candles. That’s how I play it


and of course it can burn me quickly. So I usually set a stop loss of I would say between 20 and 30% It’s never just exact number sometimes depending on the markets. I’ll give it a little bit of leeway if I think there’s going to be a pop but not much so that is where I like to do it with that being said, let’s take a look hymns. Is it a bye? Why is it a cell you tell me let’s look. So as we go into this you will see this right here watching we have a crossover of the five in the 13 and and it comes down. It kind of confirms here breaks back up. So you need another confirmation and I got to tell you we got that confirmation on Friday. The E. The RSI has confirmed. We got below 50 kind of take a little line and boom. So right now with the five coming down to 13 coming. And this hymns would be a bearish play on my book. And the only good thing I can say is we keep bouncing off the 50 bouncing off the 50 bouncing off the 50 bouncing off the 50. I will warn you that if we do fall below the 50, it’s gonna get ugly if we bounce off the 50. Well, you don’t have much downward movement here. So I would say a 10% stop loss on this if you were going to


short sell it and we’re by put out. Options on just the start I should say short selling the stock 10% I would be okay with saying okay. How high would it go? I would think 10% would be the limit for me. If you want to do the options. Remember how dangerous they are, but I would feel a little bit better about that the short selling so that’s what I see with this one. Now. One of the next stocks to buy now is going to be net cloudflare. There we go. We got to pulled up for you’re ready to rock and roll and this one’s a little bit different as you can see we got the The crisscross here, you’re starting to see a little bit after this massive run up. You’re seeing a little bit of hey, what do we got? We’re giving back some of the profits a little consolidation and everybody’s kind of watching this. Now you had the RSI dip off the top. I warned everybody on all the stocks. The last one. I did of these that we are way over by we’ve been doing this and I told you up here that hey it’s going to sell off a little bit could be down test 250 and then the next leg up or if it Below the 50. That’s the peak and we start to see a sell-off in the overall Market. I’m not Yet I think I said this before that I thought the overall cell off of the market would happen late January early February would be the beginning of the sell-off. That’s my play on all this when the numbers come out from January. I think February’s going to start to see the sell-off and I’m going to be playing in for it. So right now as you can see, it was confirmed bearish right here confirmed but the 50 was right there. We bounced off the 50. Kind of played 250 couldn’t do it got below it got back above it. So the 50s acting as support So for everybody’s watching this you would want to see right now. It’s still bullish believe it or not. It’s still bullish even though it’s coming down until it would break the 50 and we confirm below the 50. I would stay in a bullish move with this until then personally, I wouldn’t be buying it because I think it’s actually going to drop down but it is technically speaking the way. A I use the bread recipe this is one that is considered bullish off the 50 and I’m not going to be surprised ifit does run up. I’m not going to be


surprised if we have a reversal. We finally confirm below the 50 if we see the five and thirteen starting to confirm below the 50 Look Out Below. This thing will just absolutely get crushed if it can hold on the 50 and we confirm back above up here on the RSI and above on the five in the 13 look out above we got good things. So We’re in that period of a little bit of fog if you will in the markets a lot of people like where’s it going to go? And it’s tough. We don’t know for sure. All right. We got a five-letter one here Troy app. Let’s take a look. See what we got here post that in there Troy minerals. There we go. All right. Let’s take a look at Troy minerals. I thought it would be a penny stock. And here we are up penny stock now for those who follow me. You guys know how I feel about any stock. It gets ugly over Bond, especially 81 One I do not like them. I do not like them at all when they’re up here in the RSI. Now the good news is this is bullish but it is way over bought. So I personally when it’s up here, I would never buy it personally. I like to see the RSI closer in this Zone here between 50 and 75. I like the high 50s. I’m okay with that do not like the 80s. And so there’s your take on that penny stock T. Let’s go Vince. Well, Arcade, let’s go. Bastok. Sassy are Kalb. I appreciate that my friend. Let’s see what we got here rocket Labs. Okay, whoa wowzers wowzers wowzers wowzers. I got to tell you something about this one rocket Labs right now is in a prime set up and I seen these prices set us before that. I love him, but I’m going to warn you. We had a prime set up here as well and Failed look at this. Boom all the way up. Now. What do I mean by Prime set up? Well, you have the five crossing over the 13:5 crossing the 50 right here the 13 coming down to the 50. I’ve been known to take a put option right before the crossing and guess what happened here. Boom. This thing ran from 450 450 basically all the way up the next day 2550 that was up almost 20% at one point. It was all the way up to. To whoa, it was up a dollar twenty something. So 25% up the next day. Then it rallied all the way up more and now it’s coming back down. So with that being said, I was bearish on this one because you can see it stayed out of the 50 now, we broke 250, but if it confirms back under the 50, this stock should go all the way back down to the low force in this confirms underneath it is officially bearish on the bread recipe. A just to tell you we have a slight in here’s the thing about the whole confirmation. We have a confirmation underneath the 50 and then now it’s kind of rallied up came back down. Usually the the icing on the cake for me is if we see another red day here another drop down here. That’ll be confirmation under the 55 cross 250 on that day. So Monday is a big day for this stock after that. We wait for the 13 across and I would expect another wash on this one. So extremely bad. Sean this one it’s a good setup for the bears actually. But yeah, that’s what I see with that one interesting. All right, next on the list. I’m oh I’m like 572 appreciate that and gold hydrogen gah gah. Why and let me see. Let me see what we can find this up here. You say that’s on the what we got here Australian stock up. Hopefully I should be able to find this no problem. Let’s see what we got here gah. Why that gold hydrogen limited. There you go. I got you. It’s on the Australian stock exchange of it. You know what I got the good news for you is I got access to all that on here. So as you can see here, we were bullish on this. It’s a penny stock it got up there but look we confirmed right I’d say you’re right here is the confirmation on the RSI were under 50 the EMA’s flipped up here, but I usually wait for confirmation on the RSI. We got that confirmation on that candle at about 75 cents a shares when I would have been totally out buying puts Short Selling. And from there now, you’re all the way down to 67 cents and to add injury to insult my friend 25 has now crossed the 50 and that means more


bearish action should be expected very very soon and that 13 is coming down quickly. So this is a massive Bears play for me. If I was going to do it. Now. The thing is it’s a penny stock. You never know where they’re gonna go but no, I definitely do not like them as one of the best Doc’s that by now? All right. Let’s take a look Duty a on D you even pull this up the overall markets have been higher but the industrial stocks are those ones that I’m waiting to see a reversal from bullish to bearish to give us a better idea of this overall Market. All right. So now let’s take a look at this triple leverage one as I would expect we had that nice run all the way back in December November December you can see this and we jumped into triple leverage back here at the end of October. So, I rode a lot of that triple leverage all the way up. And then of course now been taking profits because we’re getting the warning shots. Look you’re getting the warning shots. You could ride it up. It’s coming down a little bit. Now. We’re going sideways confirmation or I should say


consolidation now for this one bounced off the 50 right here, very nicely and look and you would say, oh look it confirmed there. Maybe you got to be careful the bread recipe always I’m I teach this if you’re going to bounce off a support level you got to wait and you look and it bounced off that support level back. Above and so now we got the RSI back above 50. Now what you don’t want to see is this the come back down and confirm again below 50 that means the Bears have enough power and strength to probably push the five in the 13 back under 50 and go into a downward Trend to recapture some of this if you actually look at this, I’m going to do this one a little bit more in-depth for you. Take a look at this. This is the run right? So let’s do a little FIB retracement. We know that most times you’re going to see this retrace. 51 or 52 61.8% retracement. So we had this massive run and now it’s retraced down 23% Not much it actually if it was up to me. I would expect this to come all the way down between basically $35 a share and $33 to share and that would be a healthy pullback and then the next leg up but we haven’t done that yet. And so is it going to happen I would think it would be healthy for it, but we don’t know that. What I’d be looking for personally, so an interesting stock to the best stocks to buy now. They’re very interesting American stocks in a fun manner run daily


computer trays for the arbitrary goals of the Jenna’s + B + KD. Let’s go b + KD where we go micro big Banks index. All right, interesting. Alright, so everybody wants to know about these big Banks index got crushed. We got down here. What do I tell you what this point family? What do I tell? Tell you at this point at this point right here and you know, and you could argue. Hey, Moe. It didn’t work. I would say it. Did you were an extreme oversold? You’re on the Bollinger band. That is the but day you buy you buy at the end of that day. If you did you guys 615 where does it top out at how much 662 so you went up about seven to eight percent and then it starts to come back down. But if you know what I tell you three to four candles we should go up one two, three four. Exactly. So if you did that you did my method I teach then you’re good and that of course it comes down. We ride on that 75 and you still have to wait for a little bit of buying but it took you some stomach just wrenching right here because we went we kind of just stayed right on that that 25 oversold and it went down a little further and finally popped up now we tested right here on the 50 RS. I pushed it back down. We will wait and see how this goes. Goes but I got to tell you technically speaking is still bearish if you can confirm above the RSI 50 here and this is already confirmed here on the EMA’s. You’ll be good. So do not be surprised to see this jump a little bit, but do not be surprised to see it get pushed back down. This is still in the bearish trend very interesting now that my friends is it for the best stocks to buy now, if you haven’t done it join me over to stock Moe patreon and the stock mode course and check out the The stock Squad patreon with me Larry Jones Keenan Grace and stocks with Josh all in one place. I got something to do for those who’ve been asking about getting and I know a lot of people don’t want to pay for the charting though. Well the good news for you. You got you got right now move doing their offer 5.1% base and three percent extra for new users, but they also got the free stocks you get from being here and using my you get up to 15 put 100 bucks and you get five free stocks plus free. Will do data but the big thing was this you get the charting family you get the charting. This is the bread. Speaker set it up with the EMA’s the Bollinger Bands the RSI and I do recommend it and they don’t charge you for this. You just got to set it up now for those in the course over to stock moat course. I did to have a video out a walkthrough on how to do that. And that is in there. Now. I just upload that a little bit ago and that is now updated. It was widely requested took me forever because I got to learn how to do it too. And I did so it’s in there. All right family. It’s what I got for you today. I appreciate you stopping by let’s get out there and make some money.

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