For those looking to make money in 2024 and I’m going to be diving into each one contrary to popular belief starting a business does not have to require LLC formation business insurance and all of that right out of the gate. We’re going to be covering simple ideas that you can start with nothing and you can figure out all of that stuff later. Let’s start right off with the first idea here, which is renting out Christmas trees. It’s definitely not too late to start taking reservations for next year’s Christmas. Here’s the problem tons of people want to have an authentic. Thomas experience with the all-important green Christmas tree. However, the environmental impact of cutting down trees is dampening the holiday spirit for many. Well, I came across this idea specifically on Reddit the other day where aspiring entrepreneurs are doing Christmas tree rental and it’s definitely sticking especially in eco-friendly States like New York and California. So instead of cutting down the trees these trees are instead taken out of the ground and then potted delivered to their renter. Hers, and

Christmas tree Business 

then at the end of the holiday season, they’re picked back up. But back in the ground and used again the next year. In fact some even offer the option to rent the same tree year after year for the novelty. So let’s say just for example here. You secured just two dozen reservations at two hundred bucks a pop for 2024. Well at that point you’d be looking at just under five thousand dollars of potential Revenue renting out Christmas trees from here. You could either by land yourself where you plant your own trees, obviously. Usually ones that you’ve purchased that are already matured or you could work out a deal with a local tree grower where you simply by trees from them that are already potted but this isn’t the only way to make money with Christmas trees. In fact on the other end. There’s tons of people looking for help disposing of Christmas trees at the end of the holiday season. It’s estimated that Americans throw away 30 million Christmas trees per year. And this is a huge hassle for many while some municipalities offer curbside pickup of Of dead Christmas trees. This is not as common as it used to be in evidence of this is the trees that you’ll often see sitting in people’s front yards come

recycling center Business

February when they haven’t been picked up by the garbage man. What you could do here is offer an eco-friendly Christmas tree recycling service where you’re simply either bringing them to a municipal recycling center. If they offer that or you could simply rent a wood chipper and create free mulch that you either use yourself for another business or sell or just Donate to the community all you’d have to do for the day pick up a few dozen trees and be looking at potentially a thousand dollars or more for a day of work. And if you wanted to combine these verse to business ideas. This would be a perfect time to mention your Christmas tree rental service. But in my opinion the next business idea is the big gold rush opportunity for 2024. We’ll get right into that. But first a word from our sponsor, we all want 2024 to be the best year of Our Lives. People want to make more money than ever before and I want to see your business grow like crazy. But when I talk to entrepreneurs in my audience, I hear a consistent theme I’m struggling to grow while keeping things polished and professional and then when I look at their businesses, I immediately see things that make them look amateur. It happens to everyone including me when I started my content business. I ran in tireli from my cellphone and laptop. My personal phone was my business phone and my calls and texts. We’re getting mixed up. All the time it was a mess and I missed out on

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potential deals because I didn’t look professional. If you’re an entrepreneur, especially one with a business that requires a lot of phone and text communication with customers. There’s a tool you should consider picking up this year. And that’s none other than today’s video sponsor nextiva with nextiva’s Cloud phone system. You can create phone numbers in different area codes. If you’re a real estate agent, for example cold calling nextiva could help you get more answers and potentially get Or listings you’ll get unlimited calling business texting and auto attendant voice analytics and more. These features can make your business look as polished as a Fortune 500 company. They even take it a step further by letting you manage. All Communications in one easy-to-use app called Next evil one and that means no more switching between a dozen different apps to get the job done. Nextiva is one of the easiest ways I know of to potentially grow your business in 2024. Don’t let the You are using or not using hold you back. Go to try next Ryan Scribner, which is also linked up in the description. Shouldn’t below to get up to 50% off your plan. Again. That’s try next Ryan Scribner to get started with up to 50% off talk to a nextiva rep today to see if it’s a good fit for you. Now. Let’s get back to the video. So what is the big gold rush opportunity for 2024? Well that is getting into the vertical content game. Now. I know what you’re going to say. There’s no money to be made in vertical content right wrong. In fact, there’s tons of ways now to monetize vertical videos and I’m going to show you just a few. You now we’re in the middle of a massive shift right now from horizontal content to Vertical content to coming the predominant type of content consumed. This is leaving some Legacy creators left high and dry as Their audience is

vertical content business

disappearing wall a whole new wave of creators is finding overnight success jumping on vertical content Trends just take a look at this here. For example out of the top 10 videos on my Channel right now seven of them are vertical format in this is accounting for about eighty percent of my total. Total YouTube channel views. I personally had one vertical video that I reposted across multiple platforms good a few hundred thousand plays on Tick Tock and this ended up making me about $125 just from that one video as long as you’re creating interesting content and following proven strategies that have been done before you I think anybody can make a few grand a month with a vertical content business. Now, one of my favorite categories of business ideas is selling an experience while there are thousands of ways to do this. I’m going to give you one unique idea in particular and that is picnic rentals tons of people would love to sprawl out on a blanket and lay in the sun on an afternoon enjoying snacks. But the truth is in order to have a picnic you really have to spend all day preparing for the Endeavor. What you could do here is offer a simple picnic rental service where you grab the various items needed like a blanket and a basket and Cutlery Cubs, etc. For liability reasons. I would personally avoid any homemade food or alcohol. All being offered and if you’re simply just picking things up from the store. This can be a really simple and easy way to make money. If you wanted to scale this you could then reinvest your profits into multiple rent a picnic kits and then coordinate all of these in the same park during the same day and grab all of your food at once in the morning storing it in your personal fridge. This could be an easy 300 dollars a day or more in profit. This last idea is something I’m going to be doing personally in 2024. I ended up buying a piece of land back.The annual taxes are only 400 bucks per year and utility costs are expected to be about $100 per month while this is being operated as it is going to be a seasonal rental here. We’re looking at an example of one of these camper rentals in my target market and this one is not situated on a pond but despite that it still offered at 125 a night plus a 50 dollar cleaning feet. Now. I’m assuming you had just a 40% occupancy rate with a three-night minimum that would mean you would have four different sets of guests. It’s staying per month on average. Well at the 125 nightly rate plus the cleaning fee. That would be 425. Every time you had guests stay and if you did that four times a month based on the occupancy rate, you’ll be looking at Seventeen hundred dollars per month in revenue generated. And of course, if you wanted to you could simply reinvest your money into mcampers each year allowing you to earn more income from the land. So there you have it guys that’s going to wrap up my top business ideas going into 2024. Don’t forget. To drop a like subscribe and hit the bell for future notifications. Thanks so much for tuning in guys. Click below to watch the next video and I’ll see you there.

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